House Of The Rising Sun

House Of The Rising Sun


ABV: 7.2%
Pale Ale, chocolate, wheat, oat, flaked and roast barley
Brewers Gold, Soracchi Ace, UK Cascade
A dark porter with a hint of raspberry colour in the head
Chocolate and raspberry
Fruit & Flavours: 
Raspberry and blackberry* fruit and raspberry essence
A rich chocolatey bitterness mixed with the raspberry makes this porter a little too easy to drink for an ABV of 7.2%

This luxurious and decadent chocolate raspberry porter has been designed for those who like the finer things in life, like beer, raspberries, and chocolate. House of The Rising Sun is a truly sensuous taste experience for the beer lovers out there.

The bitterness of this ‘robust’ (ABV 7.2%) chocolate porter is balanced with fruit from blackberries and raspberries (added in the kettle) with a later addition of pure raspberry essence. This combination produces a chocolatey/raspberry porter strangely reminiscent of ‘Raspberry Ruffle’ sweets.

Presented to you in a 750ml bottle, ideally, to be shared and best taken from tulip glasses. Alternatively, the beer can be drunk on your own in a large tulip glass!! Always remembering, to drink in a responsible manner.

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