We are Brinkburn Street.


A small, independent brewery based in Byker, we’ve a passion for creating great-tasting, locally brewed beer.

We love this place and are proud to be doing our bit to bring back quality brewing.

Our mission is to spread the word about the wonders of local beer. To make friends, build a community and bring people together.

Our beers are like our bairns. We love them dearly and there’s a story behind every one.  Our family is growing too, as we bring craft and good old-fashioned graft to every new brew.

We believe there’s a beer for everyone. That’s why we’re breaking down barriers and working hard to create beers for all to enjoy.

We’re building bridges with partners, pubs and retailers to bring our beers to the people. And we’re quickly becoming known as one of the best small breweries around.

There’s beauty in what we do. You can taste it. Whether in cask, keg, bottle or can, we’re blending bold ideas and the best ingredients to bring brilliant beer to life.


Brinkburn Street – Born and Brewed in Byker.