Homage to Mesopotamie Thumbnail.jpg


ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 32
Malts: Pale Ale, Chocolate, Wheat & Oat Malts, Flaked and Roast Barley
Hops: Brewers Gold (FR), Sorachi Ace (US) Cascade (UK)
Appearance: A dark porter with a hint of grape colour in the head
Smell: Chocolate, grapes, honey
Taste: A rich chocolatey bitterness mixed with the sweetness from late additions of grape juice and honey

Homage to Mesopotamia (5.2% abv) is a luxuriant porter (available in 750ml ‘sharing’ bottles) with late additions of Shiraz grape juice and honey to balance the chocolate malt. Dedicated to the pioneers of beer making, The Women of Mesopotamia, the label includes an image of Ninkasi, the Sumerian Goddess of Fermentation. A perfect beer for a night in with the other ale lover in your life!