Special Offer On Our Five Winter Ales


We have five new premium Winter ales, all available in beautifully presented 750ml bottles.

You can buy all five premium 750ml bottles for just £68 (reduced from £83.50)!

These are

Clandestine Cinder Toffee Imperial Stout - 11.2%

Brut IPA, an ultra pale ale - 11.0%

Mango Tripper, a triple IPA - 10.2%

House of the Rising Sun, our Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Porter - 10.2%

Ragnar Lothbrok Red Rye Belgian Abbey Ale - 8.4%

These premium ales are available for you to buy directly from the Bar & Kitchen and our online Shop either individually, in gift packs and/or as part of our Twelve Beers pack.

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