News Archive - Sally Rodgers (A Man Called Adam)


Sally Rodgers of balearic favourites A Man Called Adam presents an afternoon and evening of conversation and summer tunes. To move your mind and body at Brinkburn Bar and Kitchen THIS SATURDAY, the 18th August 2018 (3pm onwards).

Sally, from Redcar, and still living in the North East, is the daughter of parents who ran a working men’s club, sister of the first punk in Sunderland and now manages to balance, effortlessly, her work as a senior lecturer in Music with her travels around the world as an in demand DJ and recording artist. Plus she's a Doctor. 

Come to Brinkburn Bar and Kitchen early to watch the sun reflect off the Tyne and be transported by her refined musical choices. Enjoy conversation as Sally reflects on her life in Music, buying it, making it and now lecturing in it. Plus her exciting plans for the first Lakeland Balearic Festival. 

Let's enjoy a mutual reflection on her career, celebrate her place in Rave Culture and much much more.

Tickets are £5 each and sold at our Bar & Kitchen

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Joseph Watson