Cushty Cushy 4.2%

New England Session IPA. Fruity and hazy.Our Cushty Cushy fruity session IPA is named after Cushy Butterfield (She’s a big lass, She’s a bonny lass, And she likes her beer!)

Byker Brown Ale 4.8%

Byker Brown Ale is our take on a traditional Newcastle brown ale. Brewed right here at Brinkburn St. Brewery in Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, in a local brewery using local water. Why would you brew a Newcastle brown ale anywhere else?

Hana 4.3%

​​This authentic Czech-style pilsner uses HANA malt - the original lager malt - recently resurrected after a century of neglect in small batch by Crisp Malting. We don't know exactly how the first lagers of 19th Century Czech Moravia would have tasted, but this is as close as we can get. Traditional Saaz hops give notes of hay and freshly cut grass, with the biscuit qualities of the vintage HANA malt holding its own in the background, all rounded off with a beautifully balanced crisp finish produced from several months of slow-lagering. A Steam Machine & Brinkburn St Brewery Collaboration.

Ford St IPA 4.7%

Ford Street IPA is our take on a classic West Coast US-style IPA. Our head brewer gave himself the brief of formulating the style of beer he would most like to imbibe of a summer evening. The hops were selected for maximum tropical fruit flavours.

The result, we hope, will raise your spirits even on the gloomiest of days.

Quayside Blonde 4%

Quayside Blonde has been developed by using our popular Byker Blonde as a base with additional Mandarin Bavaria and Pacifica leaf hops plus dry-hopping with US Citra pellets in the fermenter to give it an extra, satisfying hoppy linger. A great gateway beer for lager drinkers venturing into the craft beer world, Quayside Blonde shows our passion at Brinkburn St for well-hopped, balanced session beers.

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