Take the US IPA taste challenge 2018

We have some ambitious plans – with the new brewery, new beers and new ideas – and to kick things off we’re celebrating the start of 2018 in style! We have combined for the first time the Brinkburn Street US IPA taste challenge, a six-pack designed to showcase the great taste of our beers. 

The freshly brewed The Neverending Pursuit of Hoppiness is now in 330ml cans and goes head to head against our well-received New-England style, East Coast US IPA, Groovy Juice.

Open a can of our The Neverending Pursuit of Hoppiness and you’re guaranteed to be getting all of the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from brewing three versions of Pursuit of Hoppiness beers, combined with years of brewing experience versus the super-hoppy,  golden IPA, Groovy Juice made with seven types of US West Coast and New Zealand hops. We’ve squeezed in Azacca, Cascade, Simcoe, Olicana, Sticklebract, Wai-iti and Waimea.

Now here’s the fun part, with two quite different styles of beer available, get together with your friends and family and try both The Neverending Pursuit of Hoppiness and Groovy Juice together, take the US IPA taste challenge. Let us know what you think using the hashtag #brinkburnchallenge on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Can you tell the difference between the West and East Coast US hops? Can you identify them? Which do you prefer, West or East and why?

To get your hands on the US IPA taste challenge visit your local bottle shops in the Newcastle area. Fenwick Food Hall, mmm… and glug… and CentrAle, We’re looking forward to hearing what you and your friends think, and we will tell you the overall results so you can see which beer came out top!