We're a canny bunch, really

Lee Renforth

Managing Director

(Beer engineer)

Successful power engineer and entrepreneur. Has always wanted to own a microbrewery since beginning his beer pilgrimage at the Cooperage in 1986. Mindful of what happened to Obelix the Gaul, he tries not to fall into the magic potions.

Paul Ging

Communications Manager

(Loves to talk)

Upbeat, ex BBC/GMTV journalist and Comms role veteran, good patter but sometimes overenthusiastic: accidentally sold himself six casks of beer the other week. Imagine a Geordie Danny Baker, now we’re talking.

Lee Dolman


(Invoices, Whiteboards, White Van)

This man has a deep voice and is the Barry White of Brinkburn Street. But it’s your orders he’s after, bab-eh. Does everything from talking to ‘The Man’, the spreadsheets to the deliveries. Irreplaceable. Needs cloning.

Richard Bazen

Head Brewer

(Inventor of Lushness)

Surely a rock aristocrat in a parallel dimension, when not looking like he should be drumming in Pink Floyd, is either peering into the kettle at his latest brew, jotting down another fiendishly delicious beer recipe, or playing his mandolin.

Stew Southern

Assistant Brewer

(Sorcerer’s Apprentice)

He used to build houses, now he builds beer in conjunction with head brewer Richie B. Wears his white wellies on brew days with pride and is definitely coming out of the closet as a brewer, under Richard’s careful grooming.

natasha Allen

Apprentice Brewer

(Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s Apprentice)

Our first ever apprentice, she has got proper stuck in at the brewery and the office, like the good lass from Walker that she is. Similar DNA to ‘Cheryl the Geordie Princess’ i.e. useful if it kicks off on a night out.