Tap Takeover at the Bacchus

On Tuesday 28th November we had a Tap Takeover and Meet the Brewer event at one of Newcastle’s best known pubs, The Bacchus.

We had eight of our beers, Quayside Blonde, Tyne Titans, Homage to Mesopotamia, Hop Gremlin, Groovy Juice, Neverending  Pursuit of Hoppiness, House of the Rising Sun and Geordie Pagoda all on cask or keg. The whole Tap Takeover night was a great success with a packed pub sampling lots of the beers. We met some great people and talked to lots of them about brewing and our beers.

On tap for the very first time was our brand new Neverending Pursuit of Hoppiness. The latest incarnation of our Pursuit of Hoppiness range, Neverending, takes a little bit from each of the previous versions.

Starting in 2015 when we opened the brewery, Pursuit of Hoppiness was our first ever beer. We loved it, and over the years we have refined and redefined what we thought of as the perfect Pursuit of Hoppiness.

We tinkered with the recipe in 2016 and 2017, each time slightly changing the mix and creating subtle flavour differences and complex recipes, based on hop availability and feedback about taste preferences.

When it came to creating our second canned beer, we looked to Neverending Pursuit as the only real contender. Each of the 300ml cans contains a little bit of each of the previous incarnations, to create, to our mind, the best version of the brew we ever made. We used 7 hops from around the world to make Neverending Pursuit of Hoppiness a rounded, super hoppy, full flavoured beast of a beer.

Many thanks to everyone who came along to sample our beers and a big thanks to Sir John Fitzgeralds and the Bacchus for inviting us in. We’ll see you all at the next tap takeover!