Take the US IPA taste challenge 2018

ABV: Groovy Juice 6% Neverending Pursuit: 6%
IBU: Groovy Juice: 48 Neverending Pursuit: 58
Malts: Groovy Juice: Pale Ale, Citra gold, flaked oats, oat malt Neverending Pursuit: Pale Ale, Citra Gold
Hops:Groovy Juice: Azacca, Simcoe, Cascade (US) Olicana (UK) Sticklebract, Wai-iti, Waimea (NZ) Neverending Pursuit: Amarillo, Citra, Cascade (US) Mandarin Bavaria (leaf) (GER) Dry-hopped with Cascade (US) and Green Bullet (pellets) (NZ)

Take the US IPA taste challenge

our new West Coast US IPA, The Neverending Pursuit of Hoppiness (ABV 6.0%) is now freshly available in 330ml cans and has been designed to match-up against our well-received New-England style, East Coast US IPA, Groovy Juice (ABV 6.0%).
With two quite different styles of available, try the taste test of our US East Coast IPA vs our US West Coast IPA, both brewed by Brinkburn St here in little old Byker, NE6.


Available 2018

Available from all good bottle shops in the Newcastle area including Fenwick Food Hall, mmm... and glug... and CentrAle, the Brinkburn St US IPA Taste Challenge Gift Pack brings US East Coast IPA and our US West Coast IPA together for the first time as a 6 pack.

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