House Of The Rising Sun

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About this Beer

This luxurious and decadent chocolate raspberry porter (ABV 7.2%) has been named after the song that made The Animals (boys made good from down the road in Walker, Newcastle) famous. The bottle label image shows a rising sun (raspberry coloured) over the cityscape of modern Newcastle illuminating in the foreground a call girl that you might recognise from a famous Newcastle-based cult film from 40+ years ago. Designed for those who like the finer things in life, like beer, raspberries and chocolate, all mixed in a glass, House Of The Rising Sun is a truly sensuous taste experience for the beer lovers out there. A romantic beer to be shared with the love of your life in two tulip glasses (Serving suggestion 1). Alternatively, for those who are single (and/or those who love beer more than they love their partner) the beer can be drunk on your own in a large tulip glass (Serving suggestion 2). Always remembering, at all times, to drink in a responsible manner, always.

The bitterness of this ‘robust’ (ABV 7.2%) chocolate porter is balanced with fruit from blackberries and raspberries (added in the kettle) with a later addition of pure raspberry essence. This combination produces a chocolatey/raspberry porter strangely reminiscent of the ‘Raspberry Ruffle’ sweets your Grandma used to buy.

* The blackberries used in this beer were local Byker blackberries, picked by Bill Renforth (78) and Natasha Allen (18) in October 2016 down by the disused railway cut next to Dalton Street, Byker, Newcastle Upon Tyne