About Brinkburn St Brewery

Brinkburn St Brewery was formed in January 2015 by founder Lee Renforth and we started brewing in September 2015, after a 9 month period of set-up and trial brewing where we obtained valuable help and support from Marble Beers of Manchester, Magic Rock of Huddersfield and Northern Alchemy in Byker, Newcastle.

Over the last 12 months since (to October 2016) we have brewed over 20 different beers that we have tested in over one hundred (100) pubs and clubs in Tyneside and further afield in an attempt to try to identify what real/craft ale drinkers like. Over this period of developmental brewing and market testing, we have now developed a core range of ten (10) beers to meet what we see at present as a largely 3-tier market.

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These three main demographic groups of drinkers (as we see it) are the ‘Session Beer’ drinkers (ABV 3.6 – 4.2%), the ‘Mid Strength’ beer drinkers (ABV 4.2 – 5.0%) and the ‘Hop Head’ drinkers (ABV’s of >5.0%) who like to drink stronger and/or higher aromatic hop content beer. In our attempt to brew beer for all the people, by some of the people (there are 6 of us here at Brinkburn St) we have come up with the following beer range to date, with more to come… go to our Beers and News sections to find out what we’ve been brewing of late.

Session Beers (ABV 3.6 – 4.2%) – Canny Sculler (ABV 3.6%), Byker Blonde (ABV 4.0%) and Byker Hill Bitter (ABV 4.2%)

Mid-Strength Ales (ABV 4.3 – 4.8%) – Byker Brown Ale (ABV 4.8%), Tino (ABV 4.8%) and Geordie Pagoda (ABV 4.8%)

Hop-Head Ales (ABV 5.0%+) – Fools Gold – Remastered (ABV 5.0%), The Pursuit of Hoppiness 2016 (ABV 5.2%) and Hop Gremlin (ABV 5.6%)

All of our beers include varying degrees of English, ‘US Pacific Northwest Coast’ hops and New Zealand aromatic hops to make traditional types of English ales with varying degrees of hop character. Our present range of beers includes 2 pale ales, a blonde, a session bitter, an amber ale, a brown ale and a porter, along with 3 signature ‘Hop Head’ ales that are US-west coast style, extra hoppy India Pale Ales (IPA’s).

Our marketing department met (over an Al Baik kebab and a couple of pints) and we thought up a ‘saying’ for Brinkburn St Brewery which is “Canny Lush Beer Like!”

We hope that you think our beer is canny lush and that it brings a little taste of the US Pacific Coast and New Zealand sunshine to Tyneside and to you the drinker.